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UC ANR Soil Publications

Erodibility of Agricultural Soils, with Examples in Lake and Mendocino Counties (pdf)
A.T. O'Geen, UCCE Dept. Land, Air & Water Res., UC Davis, R. Elkins and D. Lewis, UCCE. 2006. (6 pp.) UC ANR Pub. 8194

Orchard Floor Management Practices to Reduce Erosion and Protect Water Quality (pdf)
A. O'Geen, UCCE Dept. Land, Air, & Water Res., UC Davis, T. Prichard and R. Elkins, UCCE, and G.S. Pettygrove, UCCE, Dept. of Land, Air & Water Res., UC Davis.  2006. (9 pp.)  UC ANR Pub. 8202

Sediment Management Goals and Practices for Orchards and Vineyards (pdf)
Mark Battany, UCCE. 2007. (7 pp.) UC ANR Pub. 8219

Soil Solarization Provides Weed Control for Limited-Resource and Organic Growers in Warmer Climates (pdf)
J. Stapleton, UCIPM Program, R. Molinar, UCCE, K. Lynn-Patterson and S. McFeeters, GIS facility, Kearney Ag. Center, and A. Shrestha, UCIPM Program. California Agriculture 2005

Vegetative Filter Strips for Nonpoint Source Pollution Control in Agriculture (pdf)
M. Grisner, and A.O'Geen, UCCE Dept. of Land, Air & Water Res., UC Davis, and D.  Lewis, UCCE. (7 pp.) UC ANR Pub. 8195

Sampling Your Soil

In this series of short videos, Blake Sanden, UC Irrigation and Soils Farm Advisor, Kern County, and David Doll, UC Pomology Farm Advisor, Merced County, discuss and demonstrate the process of orchard soil sampling.


Soil Surveys

UC Davis Soil Resource Laboratory
Research in soil science includes soil genesis and morphology, water quality and watershed-scale survey studies. Includes online soil survey.

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Soils
National soil-based information service. The Web Soil Survey provides soil data and information for the nation's counties. Links to NRCS surveys in California: